Posh Monroe Inc was founded in 2008 by two young women, who have always had an eye for fashion and dreamed of owning a boutique, for as long as they could remember. The company originally started out the trunk of a car, where they would go around selling their products. 
"This was hard work when it was 12 inches of snow on the ground and lugging suitcases of clothing to showcase our products in an attempt to save up enough money to finally open up a storefront boutique." With prayer, faith and determination, enough money was saved to open their first location in 2009.
The boutique was so successful it allowed for another location to be opened 11 months later and a third location 2 years later. Our style combines edge and sophistication while still bringing the latest styles of fashion to this forever so fast changing industry. 
In the words of Ms Coco Chanel “Fashion changes-style remains”.
         Shari B.                                   Brandee P.